Spiritual and Personal Growth Resources

Spiritual Growth and Community


Avatar Adi Da Samraj is the Divine World-Teacher for this age. His Wisdom-Teaching is extraordinary and comprehensive. His Blessing is freely given and profoundly graceful. The community of Adidam provides access to His gracious gifts. Make contact with Adidam and take advantage of an unique opportunity to enter into a true spiritual relationship with Avatar Adi Da.

Personal Exploration and Growth

Holotropic BreathworkTM

Developed by Dr. Stanislav Grof and Christina Grof, holotropic breathwork activates non-ordinary states of consciousness that mobilize the healing potential of the psyche. The healing and transformative effects of this process can be experienced on multiple levels, including the spiritual, the psychological, the emotional, and the physical. Sustained effective breathing, evocative music, focused energy work and mandala drawing are components of this subjective journey. 'Holotropic' literally means 'moving towards wholeness'.

Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingTM and Design Human EngineeringTM

Co-developed by Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder, NLPTM provides a powerful set of tools and techniques for effecting changes in human behavior. NLPTM concerns itself with modeling existing cognitive processes, and designing interventions based on redirecting resources that a person already has.

Developed by Dr. Richard Bandler, DHETM concentrates on creating powerful states and mental tools so a person naturally moves in the direction they want to go. DHETM training consists of learning to create sounds, sights, and internal experience in a way that naturally propels you to be the kind of person you want to be.

Builders of the Adytum

The BOTA provides correspondence courses in the Western Mystery School tradition, including goal setting, the Holy Qabalah, and Tarot Meditation, among others. The BOTA courses serve as an excellent introduction to traditional occult knowledge and practice.

Interpersonal Communication

Compassionate Communication aka Nonviolent CommunicationSM

Developed by international mediator Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg, compassionate communication provides a simple and effective process for communicating observations, feelings, needs, and requests. This process can be used to great effect in situations that are emotionally charged. The process reinforces compassion and helps resolve conflicts (and potential conflicts) without violence.