Big Questions

Nik Boyd

The really important, big questions
are not meant to be answered,
as if one could eat them,
consume and digest them
into some summary shitted out
concepts of life and meaning.

Rather, the big questions
are actually larger than life,
larger than any individual
with some smalled down mind
could possibly contemplate
or grasp in their entirety.
They are simultaneously
both far too personal
and utterly impersonal
and indifferent.

The big questions
are beyond any one that appears.
They only ever engulf and eat
all at once and whole,
every one who happens on them
... suddenly ...
in their dark nightedness
or their bright heartedness,
leaving nothing left behind,
no mind, no person,
no answer, no question,
... not even a question mark
remains, only the Mystery
that always was
and only ever is.