Drunken Soul Falls Down

Nik Boyd

Oh Sol, a star of day and night in alternation
spun round by this orb of spirits, this fragile sphere of life,
with light and dark mingled in altercation,
wrangling but never dissolved into grey,
pure in their hue and cry, poignant and pierced,
other planets assembled and ensembled,
and orchestrated with mingled spherical and elliptical tones
filling space with radiant and resounding resonances
felt by every being and pulled and fondled by gravity's grace.

Oh soul of my heart,
left headless and heedlessly wounded
and wandering wordless, opened from inside to out,
well found and well came and welcoming,
deeply and dipping the well that was found full of Being,
and found fresh and pure water that quenches the parched throat
so that heartsong can be sung once again.

Oh so well are all things here and there,
and so deeply being and deeply plumbed,
and deeply dipped for a coolest draught of Truth.
Raise the cup again and again,
melting down with each pour,
a little more or less of sense,
until no more sense of self faces
this sublimity already present and sure.

Once solitary, as a soul I tarry
only to wander back along this forest path,
feet lost in wildness without aim,
only a wanderer, no wilderness to tame,
no difference the same.
Starkly came a footsore traveler
to join this wanderer's tread,
and so a company was formed for a time,
a friendship found sublime
from hearts that shared a way,
a direction over earth and through air breathed
with green and gold surroundings of trees,
and sunbeams in between, and sunlight in still meadows,
where quiet lays down with peace and heartened eyes of love.

Oh soles of my feet,
that wandered bare and alone in the wildness,
pathtread and calloused until no longer so callous hearted,
indifferent until sane and same as this found path,
until found without loss or lost without thought,
until found is the beloved once again,
and finally prostrated and worshiping at her holy feet,
and then braced and embraced with love
that never was lost nor sought, but only found
and remembered every moment along the way.