Eureka Country

Nik Boyd

Many times I've explored
the untamed and wylde
Eureka country,
with its snatched
and furmious banters,
its unbound and
bounding jackelope,
its splitted hares
and endless innuendoes,
with its hair raising and
hysterical laughing mommas,
civil as any jackal,
who scare off even
all the local hyenas.

I've loved to wander
the famous and fabulous
Eureka country,
with its many chambered
labyrinths and
Byzantine bazaars.

Headed up to toe
and peeked into valley,
or lost in some
unlikely unlit alley,
with Roman hands
and Russian fingers
that hold fastened
to gluteal mounds,
probing the depths
of her fleshy caverns
and invading her
pleasure domed citadels.

Like a Mongol
once unwelcomed
in Xanadu's hallowed halls
to rape, pillage, and burn
(in that order!).

God only knows
what lies hidden
in the heated heart of
Eureka country,
with her tender tented hilltops
and deeply ended Lakes of Tears.

Whether shark fins
or dolphins
or endorphins swim
her hearted and
uncharted waters.

Unfair and fair oh moans
and whore moans echo
through her vasty woods
and dales, her luminous
forests of lighted tresses,
dappled brows
and freckled slopes
all the way down
to her lower pink,
warm and softly
welcoming eu-terrain.

I long ago lost
my heart and head
in the beauty and glory of
Eureka country,
embraced in her
desirous nature,
her tightly touted
and dimpled assets,
and her akimbo aikido arms,
armed to the teeth,
you might say, yes!

Her animal wide
and toothy smile,
all the better to eat
you with my dear,
and was that not what
you wanted to hear
or was it really
only "be here now"?

Lost while fishing
down deep for a mullet
now head lost and gone
down into her gullet.
The body still quivers
and shivers with life
but no more spasm,
nor terrible strife.

One can only imagine
the sublime and
subterranean reaches of
Eureka country.

Her greatest extent
and most un-Earthly delights
are unguarded underground.

You get there,
if you ever get there at all,
only by most
circuitous routes
which backtrack
and zigzag
in complex and
strange attractors.

The journey itself is
most entertaining
and only when
you are finally
and fabulously lost
will you find that
you are finally there.