Given All

Nik Boyd

It's another deepened day
and another sleepless night,
another time to pray
for love to fall.
The moonlight always has its way
and falls without a sound
on these hearts at play
with Love's delight.
Even though you won't say
what I most want to hear,
I love you anyway
and given all.

By feeling you as you lay
distantly through the night,
and finding you as I may
with strength of heart,
another pulse throbs out to pay
Life for this enlivened time
and begs Death to stay
his hand for one more night.
Though waiting out this time may
find me mad by its found end,
I love you anyway
and given all.

A heart always finds a way
to love against the dark
and light a path into the day
after a souls dark night.
Whether soft or hardened may
a heart be after all its trials,
a single word might hold a ray
of hope as solid thread.
On such a cord may lay
a future called to heart,
that I may love you every way
and given all.

What small concession might you pay
with such a simply coined word
and pay so dearly for your stay
without your own heart's truth.
To stay together must always
be timed to heart's own rhyme,
no reason given for a way
that finds love every time.
Though life rushes by each day
made mad by paradox,
I'll love you every when and way
I can, given all.