Lunatic Fringe

Nik Boyd

Once more, the full moon rises.
My hair stands on end,
and grows in strange places.
Back and ears, hands and feet
and loins.
I feel unraveled,
like a loose thread,
or splitted hair.
I feel ... disturbed,
... but thrilled,
and pleasantly so.

My heart beat grows stronger
deeply felt longings stir my loins.
The longer I feel, the longer I grow.
My back grows charged,
my hackles rise, both heads enlarged.
Fullness fills me, lighted brows,
lighted night, coincident,
in descent and indecent.

My teeth grow long,
and long again to bite you.
I howl madly in the night,
and pant with longing.
My eyesight grows keener,
and I keen for you.

The moon has overtaken me again,
and spun me out to the fringes.
Supernatural feelings stain
my heart with their twinges.
Strange light falls and stirs
my front and sears my core
and spins back up my spine.
It makes me want you all the more,
to take you and sip you like wine.

This cool draught of light
liquid spilled all down my throat
while the mote in our foreheads
graces our four heads
joined as two brains,
and two backed once again.
How deep can we go?
Only the moonlight knows.