Capistrano Night
Nik Boyd

Dancing eucalyptus limbs sway
in the cool night's gentle breeze,
giants standing, reaching for the stars,
leaping up fractally from the ground,
shattering upward, branching and branching again,
some straight, some crooked, some twisted,
even looping in wild directions.

Tufts of leaves hang limpid,
limbs high on slender trunks,
rippling, fluttering, pulsing,
leaves and stars shimmer,
awash in the glow from our hearts,
spiraling and spiriting up into
the bright night sky of mind.

The muse, she whispers in our ears
and then some lights fall down like tears
burning across the void,
streaking across night's face,
her meteoric sorrows cast
down upon our atmosphere.

Stars sing their songs of light,
a chorus from outer space,
reverberations of light
and music from the spheres.