Paradox of Perspective

(Paradox of Parallax)

Nik Boyd

A strange perception presents itself to the eyes,
a binocular bias fraught with false meaning.
Juxtapose the feeling of this infinite "room" in which we dwell
with the vision of asymptotic convergence
towards infinity in all directions.
What is the truth of this sighted paradox?
Expansion to infinity, or convergence to a point?

Herein lies a first felt awe
of all the space in which we dwell,
a thrill few feel beyond the given
or dwell on this oddly rounded swell.

Distance is a lie
that belies all space,
but this can be seen
only when the mind
is lost without a trace.

Time too is a lie
that's running out its race,
but only one who's
truly lost can find time
enough to slow their pace.

Is distance just the time it takes
to get from here to there?
Are there no short cuts to be found
that lead to God knows where?

What is the Truth in any case
that already always is?
Is it "Godspeed" or more "return to me"
when parted from your kiss?

Perspective reveals the lie
told to brains by our eyes.
Only feeling senses why,
and what underlies the lie.

True proximity
must be felt and found in unity
as only one heart ever feels Love's
glow within this show of finity.

Heads up and eyes turned out
sending and sensing without doubt,
a faithful heart feels out the sounding
punctuated by its pounding.

As with any sub sonar ringing,
we navigate by our hearts pinging,
the echos back are felt resounding
in loved chambers of heart's founding.