The Seemly Demise of Sinister Dexter

Nik Boyd

Sinister Dexter was a quester,
not in search of a jokester or jester,
but rather for Truth
in a True Heart-Master,
who Frees the world
even with His Laughter.

First Dexter found Him in a book
Revealed in words of Truth that took
Dexter into Bliss through understanding.

Then at last Dexter found Him Standing
under all before him Handing
Dexter his heart's desire.

And Dexter sighed within the fire,
"My garment of habits is unraveled
I'm coming apart at the seems.
I look back to find no-path I've traveled
while guided by Graceful Means."

"The water here is so clear,
and its surface is so near
that captured by my own reflection,
enraptured by my self-detection,
I could not look beyond my eyes
to see You Standing here.

"My heart trembles.
My love died unborn,
trapped by this solid
loop-hole of logic."

"But I long to stay
with You my Lord,
to see You and taste
the Light again."

And his Master said,
"There is no gain to be had
by sucking upon the Light.
Do not seek and you shall find
your heart set free of troubled mind."

"Refrain from thought,
observe your plot.
Feel Free, then go
and Be Free.
Hear no ego,
see no ego,
speak no ego,
Be Love-Bliss."

"Now let us go.
We can't devise,
but merely observe
your seemly demise."

And so it was that Dexter
dissolved in Bliss
not through his own efforts
to understand,
but by the Gifts of His Master's
hand and the Grace of His
Loving Kiss.