Touch and Grasp

Nik Boyd

Fingertips touched or stroked
upon the skin of the world
and my love's form,
and willing and surrendered
into a swoon of sensate touch.

Her fingers entwined in mine
and found wanting
and wantonly directing
my touch to her lips
and back again to fingertips,
and grasping hands with strength,
and gripped with just
so much understanding.

Have far can my reach extend?
And, how much dare I grasp?
And then, what can I behold,
and grasp to hold
and use again?

Feet planted and bodies
swaying and swooning
and felt, but not saying:
no words can possibly
express our grasp of the facts
as much as this our love
pressed skin to skin,
thus heartened and hottened
our mouths and tongues
entwined and speechless.

My nerves rush and sing
with 'lectric fires
that thrum and ring,
ev'ry pad lit with hot spots
that light in turn
the skin they touch upon.

If any (other) language
it would befuddle
our felt understanding,
found coupled to
these fleshy forms
so well formed
and fitted just so.