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Isolated Subject


Break compounded subjects out into separate sentences.


Compounded subjects indicate that two or more subjects participate in a common relationship or activity. Compounded subjects condense these ideas into a single sentence.

a bat and an insect fly through the air

While more efficient, such combination can hide or obscure important relationships.


Use isolated subject when


Subject isolation separates compounded nouns or noun phrases into distinct sentences. Consider the example above and how its subjects may be separated into distinct sentences.

a bat flies through the air
an insect flies through the air

Object-oriented designs focus on relationships and collaborations between individuals. Object-oriented designs often use a basic metonymy as a source of design components: a single instance represents an entire category or class of individuals. So, a statement about a single individual is applied to all the instances of a class. Thus, object-oriented designers often use sentence subjects and objects as candidates for class names. So, while subject isolation increases the number of sentences, it allows each subject to contribute its own distinctiveness to a conceptual model.


Having isolated subjects into separate sentences, you may discover that some isolated subject has plural number, which needs to be converted to a singular subject.