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Nik Boyd
Improvement Feature Activity Requestor improves requests oversees Expector uses expects performs Business Value for a produces / conserves

In the context of this Model, an Expector

performs some business Activity(s),

uses some software solution Features, and

interacts with some solution Components via Dialogs, and thus

expects software solutions to make Improvements in a business Activity, and

serves as an official Source of solution Features.


There are potentially several kinds of expectors. They generally expect a software solution to simplify, permit, and improve the conduct of some business activity(s). In some cases, a business activity might not even be allowed, or might not be affordable without a software solution to automate certain processes, or to monitor them and collect measurements. The following table lists some representative expectors, their possible Interests, and related quality Concerns.

Expectors Interests Concerns

Solution Users Features, Usage Simplicity, Effectiveness, Relevancy, Usefulness, Usability, Efficiency, Availability
Solution Customers Features, Improvements Relevancy, Usefulness, Efficiency
Solution Installers Installation, Configuration Relevancy, Affordability, Adaptability
Solution Operators Operations, Monitoring Measurability, Affordability, Verifiability
Security Auditors Security, Privacy Accountability, Measurability, Verifiability, Trustability
Finance Auditors Accounting Practices Accountability, Measurability, Verifiability, Trustability
Compliance Auditors Regulations, Compliance Accountability, Measurability, Verifiability, Trustability