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Nik Boyd
Improvement Feature Activity Requestor improves requests oversees Expector uses expects performs Business Value for a produces / conserves

In the context of this Model, a Feature

improves a business Activity in some measurable way(s), or

solves (or resolves) some domain or business Problems.


A software solution solves some specific (kind of) problem(s). Problems typically involve multiple elements from the real world (where they are situated). Thus, a problem can usually be decomposed into several component elements, and these components are often represented in the structure of the software solution.

Because software solutions intend to enable or improve the conduct of some business activities, most software solutions provide some kind of user experience for collecting, manipulating, and presenting information, whether using a desktop computer, a laptop computer, or a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.). Some of the software components surface these user experiences through dialogs. The dialogs engage users in conversations (of a kind) for collecting, manipulating, and presenting information.