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Nik Boyd
Improvement Feature Activity Requestor improves requests oversees Expector uses expects performs Business Value for a produces / conserves

In the context of this Model, a business Activity

produces Value for a Business, or

conserves Value for a Business.


Activitiesare the means by which a business accomplishes its mission in the world. As such, its activities need to be kept in alignment with the purposes of a business, and the qualities associated with those activities warrant measurement in order to manage and improve their conduct.

The activities of a business can be broadly categorized as those that are mission critical, mission central, and mission peripheral, depending on whether and how the activities are related to the overall business mission and vision. Even though peripheral to its mission, some activities are supportive and essential, and thus still required to accomplish the business mission.

For example, a business of nearly any size will require human resources, and specific regulatory policies will be in place within a legal framework for appropriately hiring and firing employees. So, while the activities associated with employee management may not be considered a mission critical component of the business, the associated issues will still require address and may warrant some level of automation through some software solution(s).