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Policy Vision Governor provides governs Business Mission Values directs Improvement Feature Activity Requestor improves requests oversees

In the context of this Model, a Vision statement

describes (in brief) some Business objective(s) as potential Outcomes [Ends].


A Vision statement succintly expresses a durable purpose, the quality concerns congruent with that purpose, and potential outcome(s) with respect to that purpose and those concerns. By remaining focused on outcomes (as ends), a Vision statement provides the basis for aligning a Mission with its purpose. As with Mission statements, a Vision statement needs to focus on:

However, where a Mission statement will tend to include scope and situate it within a value chain, a Vision statement will more often tend toward more expansiveness, or simply leave out such scoping, as the intended scope may ultimately be global, or impact all partners, suppliers, and customers within a value chain. While we can explore these relationships more fully using a series of trace cards, the following policy card provides an example of such a Vision statement.

ECO Depot Vision
reputation engagement count
world-class hazmat storage excels in hazmat storage safety innovation, and sets the
highest standards for safe hazmat storage safety
throughout the world, resulting in
growth in storage facilities and services for client organizations worldwide