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Nik Boyd
Policy Vision Governor provides governs Business Mission Values directs Improvement Feature Activity Requestor improves requests oversees

In the context of this Model, a Governor

governs a Business, and

serves as an official Source of its Vision, Mission, and Values policy statements.


There are several kinds of Governors. They guide and govern a business, providing direction and scope, and establish boundaries and limits. The following table lists representative business governors, their Interests, and related quality Concerns.

Governors Interests Concerns

Board Members Value Propositions, Ends Policies Relevancy, Accountability, Profitability, Value, Growth, Diversity
Corporate Officers Ends Policies, Means Policies Value, Measurability, Accountability, Optimality
Shareholders Value, Growth Value, Profitability, Growth, Accountability, Diversity
Government Regulators Regulations, Compliance Measurability, Verifiability, Accountability, Trustability