Nik Boyd - Prose

Devotional     Erotic     Ecstatic

Who Is?

The Seemly Demise of Sinister Dexter

Da Descent

Heart-Fire Meditation

Like an Onion


Little Buzz

Touch and Grasp

Eureka Country

Your Mouth

Drunken Spirits

Lunatic Fringe

Killing Time

Lunacy Renewed

Morning Repose


Random Selection

Drunken Soul Falls Down

Given All


Seasick Saidness

Haunted Heart

Contemplative     Random

Refrigerator Magnets

True Science


Owl Slept

Big Questions



Paradox of Perspective

The Whirling Dervishes of Muir Woods

Unfolding Butterfly

Big Sur

Capistrano Night


Cats and Dogs

Aphorisms and Puns

The Ego's Prayer